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Eletubo models

Eletubo Special Features:

Technology used vacuum pneumatic lift, consisting of the use of wind turbines that generate a pneumatic depression, meaning that it causes the "gap " between the top of the tube and the roof of the cabin. The upper part of the tube is isolated from the outside and the doors tightly closed.

All the lift doors are hinged to right (viewed from outside the elevator), and the option of single shipment (one enters and exits through the same point), and the option of boarding at 180 degrees (you enters sideways and  exits from the front.)

Is a structure of aluminum and transparent polycarbonate, lightweight and  is mounted in a very short time.

There are several models and comes in 2, 3, 4 y 5 stops.

Ask the datasheets for more information.

In standard execution , electronic control and turbines are integrated in the "head", which is the last cylindrical section of about 25 cms.

outside split

In the execution with "Split ", the turbines are housed in an auxiliary module that can be placed up to 10 meters away connected to the top of the tube through a PVC pipe.The advantage of placing this version is the reduction of noise inside the cabin and the flight required is more reduced.


Eletubo Model 750

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, one-person, 750 mm. in diameter.

(To request data sheets for more information.)

eletubo 750

Eletubo Model 933

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, 180 kg, 2 persons,  933 mm in diameter.

It admits the entrance of an adapted wheelchair.
(To request datasheets for more information.)

Eletubo Model 1316

This eletubo has a maximum capacity of 3 persons, is suitable for wheelchair and
needs a diameter of 1316 mm approx. Been tested with 10 types of wheelchairs from different manufacturers, makes and models.
It is suitable for a person in a wheelchair and passenger.
The opening of the door is manual, and the closing is automatic.  Currently we are working on  developing a mechanism for  opening the door  automatically.
(To request datasheets for more information.)


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