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Social responsibility

Social responsibility is the form to lead the businesses of a company in such a way that this becomes Co-person in charge of the social development. A socially responsible company is that one that owns the capacity to listen interests them of the different parts (shareholders, employees, lenders of services, suppliers, consumers, community, government and environment) and to incorporate them in the planning of its activities, being looked for to not only take care of the demands of all of them of the shareholders or proprietors.
Also it is possible to be defined as the commitment of a company to operate of economic and environmentally sustainable way while it recognizes the interests the interests of his public of interest. The interest public include investors, clients, employees. Partners of businesses, local communities, the atmosphere and the society generally.
Considering all this the elevator for Eletubo people has been created; which allows to vertically move us to us but of much more ecological form that a conventional elevator.
The Eletubo does not use oil, nor cables and it only requires a single-phase installation to 220v.
As far as the consumption he is very low during the ascent, varies between 1 and 4.5 KW based on the weight and of the diameter of the tube; but at the time of lowering it does not have any type of consumption since he descends by lost from air controlled.
In addition the Pneumatic technology (by air) that uses to move is completely clean and it does not generate residues with his surroundings.  
In this way Eletubo appears like a very ecological product, of low consumption and that respects the environment.

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